Meet Meegan



A few things about me-

-married to the love of my life for almost 7 years

-I have a 4 year old little guy who acts just like his daddy-cowboy and all and a brand new baby girl that has thrown my love of vintage into overdrive!

-I love the Lord and wouldnt be anywhere without His blessings in my life

-I love laughter! especially how people look when they are laughing =)

-I love movies!! all the time-all kinds!

-I use exclamation points way too much and I like it!!!!!!!!!!

-I am an awful cook! I also hate doing it so there is no chance of me improving in that category!sorry hubby =) i try

– I thrive on routine but I love variety! doesn’t quite make sense…

– I am a very laid back person and I love getting to know people

-My favorite thing about photographing people is making their personalities come alive! Making the pictures more about the love between the people rather than pretty smiles at the camera-although I grab a few of those as well!




Carla Smith - I love you attitude and your love for what you do!

Meegan - Thank you Carla!! I do love what I am getting to do!! =)