I <3 Ella

I had been watching the weather.. patiently waiting for it to get a little warmer so I could get cute little babies outside- and yesterday rocked my socks off! the light, the location, everything was perfect and Ella was on her very best behavior… her mom made a wise decision to let her sleep as long as she wanted instead of waking her in order to be ‘on time’ for our shoot. I know my own little boy and if he gets woken up when hes not ready… its bad news! so we started later and it was PERFECT! i laid in the beautiful green grass just snapping away until she was a little tired of just having eggs to play with. and i must admit… i cant compete for attention with cars =)

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Erica Madden - beautiful colors! where on earth did you find green grass around here?!?!

Kyle & Anna are engaged!!

Lets see… Ive known Kyle for about 20 years…. and I will spare him from all the funny stories I could tell! I am sooo excited for him and Anna- they are so cute together and I really enjoyed spending the evening with them-freezing our butts off and having to stop for hot chocolate- it was probably the best hot chocolate Ive ever had- mainly because it did the job of warming me up! seriously though- I enjoyed getting to hear their story of how their relationship came to be what it is and getting to hear about the wedding details! I love this stuff! so here are a few of my favs from this afternoon’s session-

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